Yearning Ocean - Youtube

Bateau de Lune

by Masayo Honjo

Harpists! The sheet music for this song is available in the Store.

Tip for listening: Use earbuds or good speakers.

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Latest News

"Flowing Kaleidoscope" - my first songbook in 2020 

My goal is to add to our harp repertoire with my new book “Flowing Kaleidoscope of Sound,” featuring 6 pieces.  The book offers pieces that are motivating and inspiring to learn, perform and teach. 

My compositional influences include Debussy, Chopin, Schubert, Satie as well as healing music practices, including the use of modes, free rhythm and improvisation. My first harp lesson was with Anne Adams at Mills College, where I also minored in voice.  Combined with the sheer beauty of her playing, I was also privy to the power of new music as exemplified by Darius Milhaud, another strong figure at Mills College. In addition, I am a certified therapeutic harpist (International Harp Therapy Program), producing music that is peace and comfort inducing. All these influences can be heard in my harp compositions. 

My expected impact is to appeal to beginner and intermediate harpists who are looking for music that is accessible while also being artistically compelling. I anticipate teenage and adult harpists will be particularly interested in my pieces. Further, my hope is that my pieces will suit a variety of contexts, from concert situations to background music. Finally, I anticipate that teachers will enjoy exploring the pedagogical compositional nuances, including the improvisational cues that will be peppered throughout.