Masayo Honjo, originally from Japan and now living in Thousand Oaks CA, brings peace, calm and courage via the healing power of the harp. Masayo is passionate about improving the quality of life at facilities such as hospices, convalescent homes, and other healing centers. 

A certified Brennan Healing Science Practicioner and Reiki Master, Masayo became fascinated with the ability of sound to uplift across all cultures and situations. This led to Masayo becoming a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner via the International Harp Therapy Program. 

Masayo marries science and art, and has contributed to scientific research at USC, UCLA and AMGEN. She holds an MS in Biochemistry from CSULA and a BS Chemistry from Mills College, Oakland CA. With the intention to always bring results in a beautiful, artistic way, Masayo creates soundscapes that enhance healing and celebrations. 

Reach out to Masayo any time to find out if her soothing music is right for your event, and join her mailing list to get updated about her latest projects and innovations.