You mesmerized me with your extraordinary talents.  I just stood there, watching the master at work.  True beauty captured here.  I’m eternally grateful along with everyone from Fit 4 The Cause. - Cindy Rakowitz

This music brought me back to my true self from the very first note. I felt like dusk on a calm early evening looking out over the ocean…. - Teresa Ullmann 

 Love, love, love this! Great chords! When can I play it? Love the rhythmic variety! - Jocelyn Gillespie Obermeyer 

It’s the getting started and deeply listening. It is delightful to watch these songs blossom. They even smell good! - Linda Ashton 

You know I live for crazy harmonies like this! Delicious. I feel stretched in all good ways.  - Diana Rowan 

It truly, truly is a beautiful piece!!  This is so beautiful, yet again, as I listen to it in my morning prep for the day.  - Wendolyn Bird  

Masayo, that is so beautiful. I felt like I was walking in the cool air and filtered light under the giant redwood trees, smelling the scent of the trees, and of the needles as I walked on them. Hearing the sound of a stream in the distance. You took me on a lovely journey. I like your composition more than 99.9% of the meditation music I hear on Insight Timer. I had such a restful journey with it.  - Janet Hince

This piece is truly emotive on many levels. I listened and really felt so calm and peaceful. It is one that connects with the heart.  - Nancy Moll

I found myself floating – a bird riding the air currents. There were times when I almost touched down on a branch or cliff overlooking the ocean. Masayo, this provided a remarkable period of relaxation, and effortless “floating” movement. Thank you! - Margie Bekoff  

I can’t listen to this enough!!! I just want to hear it over and over again. It makes my heart so calm and happy! - Camilla La Mer